Drivepol Limited – Who are we?

The corporate slogan of Drivepol Limited is ‘new journey – new beginning’. This slogan has always been the driving force behind our company. We didn't want to be just an ordinary business offering a generic service. We have always maintained our goal to stand out among other competitors in this sector. We build fantastic relationships with the clients from the very first contact.

The overriding goal of our company is to provide high-quality customs services that will completely satisfy our client. We understand the importance of efficient and appropriate action in any given situation.

We are a UK-based company registered in the Companies House and have been operating since 2013. During this time, we have established several business contacts and gained invaluable experience. It merely took us a few years to thoroughly expand the service range provided. We worked on more and more efficient processes and introduced efficient systems. We came across vast difficult situations, but overcame them all, enriching our wealth of experience each time.

Today we provide comprehensive services, and our offer includes complementary services that truly make us unique. As such, we are an excellent business partner that’s operating on the British market.