Familiarise yourself with our price list
The prices showcased below present approximations of the costs. We’ll happily provide you a custom-tailored, precise individual quote fit for the needs of your business.

C88 import clearance from the EU - from £55

The import clearance offer includes sending of the declaration to the CHIEF customs system. The offer covers shipping to up to 2 tariff codes based on the previously received documents from the client, in accordance with the specification we require.

Please be mindful: a fee of £4.5 is charged for each additional tariff code on the declaration. The price may change depending on the specification of the documents we receive from the client.

Export clearance to EU - £150

The cost of export clearance is not transit related. The offer covers two tariff codes. The charging rate for subsequent codes ranges from £4.5, depending on the specifications we require, as well as restrictions (e.g. certificates required for export in the EU).

Transit clearance to the EU (export)

The price list is determined by the value of the invoice placed for the products, which itself determines the guarantee that needs to be submitted for the transit. As a customs agency, we have the option to use the guarantee during transit. It should be remembered that this is arranged by signing of the relevant paperwork by the client. If the customer possesses a transit guarantee, the matter is rendered even simpler and less costly.

If you need a quote for a logistics service that includes transport and customs clearance in the EU, we’ll gladly prepare you a price plan for such service. Our network of contacts with trusted transport companies and customs agencies in the EU allows us to prepare a comprehensive offer.

All other services required by the client will be priced on an ongoing basis, depending entirely on their type.

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