A Professional Customs Agency

We are an expert customs agency. We provide services related to customs and logistics within the UK and entire European Union. If you are looking for a trusted partner and experienced agents who know precisely how to deal with even the toughest border-linked situations, you've come to the right place. We will happily assist you.

As a customs agency, we complete plenty customs-related activities but also engage in other complementary services. In the UK, we provide a plethora of services, such as international forwarding or comprehensive customs clearance to EU countries (in particular to Poland: export, import, closure of transit etc). We also have an accounting office with headquarters in Manchester, perfectly operating in all legal matters.

We’re aware that our long-term presence on the British market allows us to provide customs services of the highest standard. As one of the few companies operating in this market, we happily share our business contacts with the clients, as long as it’s in the interest of each party. Of course, apart from granting customs support to those in need of it, we can likewise take care our clients’ business development.


Do you import or export goods? Do you run a company that’s operating on the British market, as well as the European Union? Our team of customs agents will help you with any issues related to preparation of customs documentation that are required by British law. By cooperating with us you unburden yourself from the stress caused by customs regulations navigation. We will relieve you from the hassle and arrange everything on your behalf. If you are seeking specialists who will advise you perfectly in every aspect, feel free to contact us. We provide advice on customs procedures, tariffs and restrictions with other regulations, such as phytosanitary and veterinary rules and guidelines.

Professional Service

We’re a proactive business and thus meet all expectations of our clients. We avoid a standard approach and stereotypical treatment of the cases entrusted to us. A positive atmosphere prevails among our daily work life. But above all, we avoid template corporate procedures.

We think outside the box and always view our clients as a future, potential partners. We base our business relationships on trust and relationships that enable us to create something integral and long-lasting. It is in our interest that you spread the best word abouts us, and as often as possible.

We strive to simplify all procedures as much as possible. We use the latest technologies and IT solutions to maintain the quality of our services at the highest possible standard. Such practices allow us to optimise service costs, which is particularly crucial for the clients we serve.

We have constructed a simple and legible price list. Our prices are not subject to change, there is no small print, we do not apply additional costs for several invoices, do not apply extra costs for sending a message, archiving documents, etc. The price is given in advance and the method of calculating the costs is clearly presented. Everything is transparent and the initial offer comes with a price guarantee.